What To Shred

All businesses produce sensitive information
that would be of interest to others. What
constitutes confidential information that
identity thieves might want from you?

Account records
ATM receipts
Bank account information
Bank statements
Bank statements
Bids and Estimates
Blank Checks
Blueprints and Engineering Drawings
Brokerage account information
Budget Data
Cancelled & voided checks
Cancelled checks
Competitive information
Computer Printouts
Computer Printouts
Copies of Checks
Copies of Checks
Credit & debit card numbers
Credit card numbers
Credit Card Receipts
Credit reports and histories
Customer Lists
Deposit Slips
Diligence files
Drivers’ license numbers
Employee pay stubs
Employment Applications
Employment records
Executive correspondence
Expense Reports
Expired Coupons
Extra Photocopies
Fax machine ribbons
Financial Records
Financial records
Insurance policy data
Insurance records
Intellectual property records
Internal memos
Inventory Reports
Investment documents
Legal Documents
Legal documents
Market research
Marketing material
Medical and dental records
Medical Records and Charts
Meeting Minutes
New product information
Obsolete contracts
Official notices
Passport number
Payroll records
Personnel files
Phone records
Planning documents
Price lists
Production Reports
Proposals and quotes
Proprietary documents
Purchase Orders
Purchase receipts
R&D documents
Sales forecasts
Social Security numbers
Social Security Numbers
Strategic (Marketing) Plans
Tax forms
Tax records
Telephone number
Training information
Travel itineraries
Used airline tickets

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